Totem Chaser

In a world that is on the brink of seeing the birth of an unholy manifestation, an unwitting video crew finds itself at the vortex connecting this world and the Other. Can they face their chance encounter, or does their destiny dictate a different fate?

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A video crew seeking the truth of the paranormal finds the haunted house of their dreams. But at the same time, the cult priestess lures them to be unwitting sacrifices. Her plan is to manifest the unholy deity into flesh and blood, and rule the world. But the cameraman, host, and producer only want to get the wicked spirits on camera for the first time, and enjoy the fame and fortune that is sure to follow. When they find themselves in too deep, it is a race against time for video crew to stop the embodiment of the demonic god... or will their own flesh feed the Totem Cult?

Arielle Hope
Catherine Valentine
Marquevias Turner
Cody Michalowski
Charmien Byrd
Daniel Alatorre

Written, Directed, and Produced by:
George Tsouris